Hitchsafe Key Vault HS7000 for Hitch type Tow Bars

  • $90.00

Hitchsafe is a security keybox vault designed for use with 50mm Hitch Bars. Holds car keys, licence, credit cards, house keys. Installs in minutes without tools and slides straight into 50mm OEM and after-market hitch bar receiver. Includes locking bolts, spacers, security drawer with 10,000 code combination lock and heavy-duty cover that protects and keeps you secret vault discrete

The perfect solution for securing your keys when surfing, hiking, scuba diving or conducting any water or other outdoor activities.

Supplied in sealed blister pack with all accessories including QR Codes for video demonstration and installation. If your Hitch Bar receiver wall (where the locking pin goes through, is over 5mm thickness you will require the optional Long Locking Pins at additional cost of $9.95  To order with Longer PIN choose HS7000LP variant model