Digital Locker Lock with Auto-Open feature 3000DL

  • $135.00

3000DL Digital electronic lock for lockers and cabinets. iButton Fob or PIN operation. Programming Fob, 3 Master Override Fobs for Supervisors, One Time User mode with time settable 'auto open' feature to deter users taking ownership of lockers, Permanent User Code or Fob, Auto re-lock and push to close function. This is a very robust, reliable lock suited for most environment and applications, such as, gyms, fitness clubs, employee lockers, one-time -visitors lockers, anti-tamper, keypad mute and 100,000 openings on 4 x AA batteries. Suits timber and metal doors, illuminated stainless steel keypad. Fobs available as iButton key fob or wristband.